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Ashtanga Yoga is an integrated yoga-method which combines Asanas (positions) and Pranayama (breath control). Sequences of movements are defined and with synchronized breathing dynamically practiced. Many modern Yoga Techniques like Vinyasa, Flow or Power-Yoga evolved out of Ashtanga. This holistic method is based on Hatha Yoga and was developed by T.Krishnamachayer who thaught his method since 1927. He instructed individually designed routines to improve the personal development and ease complaints. Since 1973 this method is introduced and thaught in the West. Tatjana Wegner is a fully trained instructor of Ashtanga Yoga (by Vijay Amar in Dharamasala) and teaches it regularly in Hamburg. 


Universal yoga is the ideal workout for everybody who wants to gain physical flexibility as well as mental statbility. Universal yoga combines classical yoga exercises of various yoga styles and connects them through flowing movements. This unique concentration on the core of modern yoga leads to a hollistic workout which unites body and mind. The movements are combined with intentional laughing and systematic breathing what improves the flexibility as well as it reduces stress. The flow of the different exercises in a slow and steady way heals depression, sleeplessness and low self-esteem.


Yoga Gym is the combination of different philosophical movements and joint as back-friendly exercises. It can be taught customized to different groups, for example as fitness workout or for yoga beginners. Additionally, it leads to positive psychological effects due to traditional yoga elements. This special training promotes the ability to control the breathing, to improve perception of one’s own body and concentration and to expand physical and mental abilities.


Pilates is a unique training that promotes balance as well as stability and improves the breathing. This holistic workout concentrates on the two centres of the body: one is located around the deep abdominal muscles, the other one between the middle back and the shoulder muscles. Pilates can help to increase the general fitness and can be carried out by clients of all age groups. Especially in combination with other sports, Pilates can help improving the body posture and body awareness.